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Balance is an Asian-Fusion Restaurant that serves Snacks, Build-a-Bowls, and a Seasonal Their 2015 Menu features Two New Bowls: A Spicy Fresh Green Coconut Curry Bowl and a Classic Japanese Teriyaki Bowl. Both are Vegan, and their Green Curry Bowl is also Gluten-Free. This summer brings the return of their famed Asian Taco Menu, available in Six Varieties. Your choice of Steamed Flour or Puffed Blue Corn tortilla, both locally made at la Pearla on Hill Avenue in Toledo, OH!

What they say:
“Our goal is to be a real restaurant, serving real food, fast. We envision fresh meals, where every ingredient is prepared from whole form, right here in the restaurant. We do that every day, down to our Signature Sauces. We let the ingredients do the talking. We don’t over-season our proteins or starches, and only briefly steam our vegetables so our customers can taste the natural flavors and textures”

What I say:
“I had an amazing experience from the time that I walked into the restaurant until the time I took my last bite!”

Balance kicks so much ass!! Nuff said…

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