Cook, Serve, Delicious with Chef Nilesy! 3 Star Restaurant!

Today we work towards our 3 Star restaurant and get to grips with the two new soups on the menu!

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Small box: Smooth Operators #1:


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Music: Kevin MacLeod (amazing tune, serious love)
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25 thoughts on “Cook, Serve, Delicious with Chef Nilesy! 3 Star Restaurant!

  1. Nilsey go camping for a week without electronics to sort out ur sleep
    patterns because your outdoors you go to sleep when the sun goes down and
    get up when it comes up and u don’t stay up late if you have no electronics
    if u do this u will sleep better for months

  2. Let me tell you something to keep you up at night. excessive sleep can lead
    to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Sweet dreams! 🙂 

  3. Eat anchovies when you have a cold and you nose is full of mucus, because
    then you wouldn’t be able to smell the fish.

  4. One the one hand, Drunk Souls sounds like it would be super fun to watch,
    but on the other, you’ll probably wind up drinking yourself to death. You
    will be dying pretty much all the time.

  5. 11:51 “That’s a silly mistake to make because Meat, Lettuce, Bacon, Cheese,
    Tomatoes and Pickles” LOL

  6. was the cat thing at the end a joke? i dont really know my cats so the
    “ignore immediately” thing doesn’t make sense to me

  7. 14:05 “My hair needs washed…” Glaswegian English 🙂
    Also 10:55 “One half was like umm a… chicken, meats, rice, ham, potatoes,
    cheese, celery, garlic…”

  8. Not sure if you have done it but I would stop by most certainly. Note that
    you might want a weak alcohol because there is a reason the first game
    says’ “Prepare to Die” on the back.

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