[Gaming] WTF – Kickstarter created for FALLOUT 3 themed restaurant?

This girl obviously put very little thought into her kickstarter campaign, or really even what she wanted to do with it. But this still serves as a cautionary tale for those who wish to branch out on their own via kickstarter/crowdfunding.

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25 thoughts on “[Gaming] WTF – Kickstarter created for FALLOUT 3 themed restaurant?

  1. Kinda cool, I wonder what kind of food there might be? Sucks Bethesda
    wouldn’t let it slide unless you pay royalties anyway.

  2. God help us if she takes the feminist route. That seems to be a sure fire
    way to get money. I could see her claim sexism for her restaurant not
    getting enough funded…

  3. I would love to see a full scale nuka-cola truck modeled after the toy one
    in game and then go to a gaming con to sell sodas out the back.

  4. A female art student who loves gaming and cooking plus Fallout 3 is her
    favourite game.
    New irl waifu confirmed.

  5. I feel so mean for saying this, but are there really people *this* naive?

    Poor thing, it’s a novel idea, but… The *only* problem you can foresee is
    branding issues? You’re taking culinary classes, shouldn’t you know the
    failure rate for restaurants in their first year is *90%?* Follow your
    dreams and everything, but, if you really want to do this, you need a plan,
    like, a business plan.

  6. Though as bad ass as this would be… Bethesda wont let it happen because
    they are anal about it. At most theyl just steal the idea and do it on
    their own time.

  7. If you want a Fallout 3 style restaurant, go to a dinner. Most stick with a
    50s/60s aesthetic. There are plenty on the East Coast. 

  8. Why did she not go through normal business means to start a restaurant? We
    have at least 1 new one every month where I live, so it can’t be impossible.

    I understand wanting to save money by using kickstarter, but she would have
    had a LOT more backing from Bethesda if she had. And that isn’t to mention
    the fact that you LOOSE money on your stretch goals. Every person who has
    talked about a crowdfunded product has said that their stretch goals were
    not able to be met by what was left over from the campaign.

    I would have loved for something like this to work, as me and my brother
    have talked about this kind of thing multiple times, but not run by this
    woman, as she clearly has no knowledge of businesses. I would go there if
    she was a chef, because I have never met anyone who is in school for food
    that is bad at it (not including freshmen,) but not as an owner.

    Seriously though, if anyone want’s to reach out to Bethesda and have them
    sponsor you, or at least “okay” your idea, I’m all for it. Just PLEASE go
    through the right channels.

  9. Yeah Bethesda is SOOOO understanding. So understanding they filed a C&D
    against Mojang once for using the word “scrolls” in a game title, and filed
    another one against another indie company who wanted to make a game called
    fortress fallout which had nothing to do with fallout at all. Such a
    wonderfully understanding company Bethesda is… If this woman can pull
    this off, hell yeah I would eat there! And have my food served by a mister
    handy. :D

  10. Zero donations. hmmm?
    PS Is she hoping that because vagina they wont tell her to cease and desist
    with her copyright infringement?
    PPS Great marketing skills girl.
    What’s the betting she will be screaming about her company failing because
    she’s a woman in gaming and misogyny…. meh pay tree on.

  11. 55k? chump change. does she know how much money it takes to run a
    restaurant? to theme one? how many fail every year? you can copy everything
    in fallout 3 as long as you change the name of everything so that not even
    an issue

  12. A restaurant with a Fallout 3 theme?

    Nobody in there can die, everything’s radioactive for no reason, there’s a
    ghoul in the corner, everybody has the same voice and it takes forever to
    enter and leave?

  13. I enjoy the occasional nuka cola myself, I think it should be
    I think it be more awesome to have a silent hill themed pub though. Have
    pyramid head be your bouncer and the nurses as your bartender.

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