Ramsay’s Best Restaurant S01E09 The Final Part 1

Last episode. The Final. Disclaimer: I do not own any copyrights of the above video. Copyright holder is Channel 4, UK
Brought to you on behalf of: Restuarnt TV

25 thoughts on “Ramsay’s Best Restaurant S01E09 The Final Part 1

  1. @Doppleganger86 hell’s kitchen is a show rather than a restaurant…you can
    only excuse the noise if you are deliberately going to a kitchen with ‘open
    doors’ (much like hells kitchen) not one that is supposed to be hiddne from
    the customer

  2. I feel you. He was pretty arrogant. That being said, it’s only what we saw.
    I trust Gordon knows the man, and knows he could trust his judgement.

  3. what you mean as a quality chef he does not cook bullshit? Quality chefs do
    that all the time! That´s the chicken man was more a remark that either the
    critic guy openly complained to the chef in the restaurant or he gave the
    dish back or the servers kinda got the feedback to the chef. Why are you
    constructing some overcomplicated racism bullshit when they simply messed
    up? Can happen to everyone even Ramsay. And when as a customer i get fed
    with poor done potatoes i will complain also!

  4. Off course he kept the idians coz its his favorite food and he kept the
    Brits coz his biased (and it’s a full cercle, coz is also biased with his
    favorite food).

  5. I wouldn’t go to bradford unless you really have no other choice. I mean,
    if your plane is going down due to complete engine failure, heading
    straight for bradford, try your hardest to steer it anywhere else. Get out
    and flap your arms to give you just that fraction more lift to get you over
    bradford. Trust me, don’t go there deliberately!

  6. I’ve never noticed? If anything Ramsay always seems impartial. He does say
    he gets excited over British food… if someone who represented my birth
    country did something exceptionally brilliant I could be excited over it too

  7. You mean that the MENA-restaurant that made dry/overcooked chicken and was
    not able to cook good potatoes should win… Abel semite-boy. And he didn’t
    kick the Indians over the British restaurant-owners, did he… BTW, “Nice”
    that you mooch on Eurocaucasian-founded Canada, you don’t piss off back to
    your MENA.

  8. Samuel Elias-jewboy, piss off from Spain to your stolen IsraHell. And you
    didn’t made a comment to that guy that I replied to that started with
    ethnocentrism here, you vile PC double-standard POS!

  9. damn. just cuz u hate one dude’s potatoes u going to hate on the potatoes
    in all of algeria? wtf was that?

  10. Horrible decision by Ramsay those two rich spoiled self entitled brats
    didn’t even deserve to be in the competition. They fucking sucked. Food
    looked like vomit.

  11. fucking profanity…fucking hell…. fucking boring…. can;t he string a
    sentence together without the f word… so yesterday

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