Restaurant Gets Rid of Tipping, Pays Everyone $15/Hour

–William Street Common, a new restaurant in Philadelphia, gets rid of tipping and pays everyone per hour.

–On the Bonus Show: Other planets more habitable than Earth, humans borrowing antifreeze proteins from ticks, much more…

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Broadcast on March 11, 2015
Brought to you on behalf of: Restuarnt TV

24 thoughts on “Restaurant Gets Rid of Tipping, Pays Everyone $15/Hour

  1. California has many of those restaurants. Some pay $12 per hour. I think is
    great. The restaurants owners said that they got more customers.

  2. It’s really the principle of customers *having* to substitute for a proper
    wage that bothers me. Why not pay a decent wage and if you get outstanding
    customer service – getting tipped on top? awesome! Tip is supposed to be
    that, I think. Something extra, not part of paying someones rent. It’s just
    gross. Imagine a welder getting payed like this

  3. Here in Oregon, servers are paid minimum (9.25hr.) plus get tips. But I
    like the idea of an employer paying a living wage.

  4. it is better to do this so that people dont feel expected to tip then if
    some one wants to give tip on top of that it means you had great service. i
    am from the UK where we only tip if the service was good not just because
    we are expected to tip

  5. Having had a tip job in the past I can tell you that it is a Faustian
    bargain. Sure you can make more than you probably should for the type of
    job you do, but it sucks knowing you can’t take any days off because even a
    paid vacation means you’re only getting 1/4 of what you’d normally make if
    you work. Not to mention losing out huge due to sick days and other normal
    paid time off.

  6. I’m all for it. As long as my employer would be willing to pay me
    $80.00/hr. Cause that’s my average on any given day of the week in this

  7. this makes sense. in Germany they all get a decent hourly wage, there still
    is tipping on top of that, but it is really optional. if something is not
    right, if it does not taste as good as it should or if the service is a bit
    slow, that is totally enough to cut the tip to zero, also many people just
    dont tip because they want to save money, and its alright. in the USA it
    seems so mandatory. in the USA when the service is rather slow and the food
    does not taste good, people might complain but still tip, or they might tip
    less. it seems like the waiter needs to fart in your face to get the tip
    reliably to zero.

  8. I and my wife are planning a day trip up to Philly just to patronize this
    restaurant because of the business model it uses.
    I also was pleasantly surprised to hear recently that McDonalds is having a
    tough time abroad and is hemorrhaging losses. C’mon Millennials! It has to
    be you who is driving this slow change. I know my generation is too
    apathetic and lazy to take a stand on anything.

  9. I loved to see you go out for Breakfast in a FULL SERVICE Dinner and see
    the price of your BREAKFAST you Ridiculous Jews! I said it before but
    obviously NO ONE gave a shit. Restaurants have the most employees and deal
    with the a PERISHABLE product. If a 30 seat Diner has 3 servers making $15
    an hour plus Health insurance and other Bennies Plus the owner has to pay 2
    other kitchen staff $30 more total an hour and the Diners over head a week
    is $1500 before Supplies, and Labor People would stop going out for
    breakfast because they would be put off at the costs 

  10. Hey, german here 🙂 What is usually the amount of money people in the US
    are expected to tip? Here in germany we just round up if it is like 56€ And
    if it was a decent service we give 60 and if it was a really great service
    maybe more.

  11. I can see where your coming from, in NYC everyone wants a tip and the
    environment big city life causes more services to be nearly mandatory (like
    valet for example). One reason I disagree with you is that if wait staff
    is no longer motivated by tips you’ll end up with a LOT of POOR service.
    As for cosmopolitan areas like NYC, I don’t see any problem with a brief
    explanation “Your wait staff depends on tips/gratuity for a large part of
    their lively-hood, if you received good service please tip in the 15%
    range, 20% or higher for excellent service, thank you the management”

  12. What is a “living wage”? That is a very subjective term. Philly is one of
    the most expensive cities to live in, is $15/hr really enough to make an
    living off of depending on your living situation?

    Also, tipping helps out a lot of businesses and workers. It gives servers
    incentives to work harder and earn more where if there weren’t tips then
    they won’t be able to earn as much because the business won’t be able to
    afford it. Promoting getting rid of tipping is asking several people to
    take a pay cut.

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