ROBOT RESTAURANT Shinjuku, Japan // ロボットレストランに行ってみた ROBOT RESTAURANT

★CC SUBTITLES: 日本語, English, Español★
Welcome to the robot restaurant! Probably the weirdest thing you can experience in Japan. It’s definitely a “tourist attraction” type spot… but I have to admit, we had quite a bit of fun and it was worth the cost! The show is 90 minutes long 🙂

Website for cheaper tickets:

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I film with my Sony nex 5r and edit with Final Cut Pro 🙂

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Sharla xx
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24 thoughts on “ROBOT RESTAURANT Shinjuku, Japan // ロボットレストランに行ってみた ROBOT RESTAURANT

  1. Most robot restaurants of the future don’t serve human food, just wall
    plugs with varying voltage and a choice between AC and DC.

  2. So…America challenged Japan to a Robot competition.
    After watching this way, I just wanna say that America has made a huge
    mistake! Japan is frikkinnnn awesome.

  3. You say they toned down the costumes to be more kid friendly but i don’t
    think that was the traumatising part (O____O )

  4. I went to Robot Restaurant this April and it was the same as this video! On
    Chris’ channel it looks different! I guess they change the show every year
    or so?

  5. I guess middle age must be creeping in cause this just looked terribly
    silly to me, better start preparing for retirement and hmm what kind of
    gravestone would best fit my hair colour ?

  6. ロボットレストランて名前は知ってたんですが、もっとハイテクなものだと思ってました。

  7. I love how nonchalant you were about this… like “Hey what’s up you guys,
    I’m rolling through fucking KABUKICHO in Shinjuku”

  8. As a cosplayer, those costumes look pretty amazing, including the
    integration of lights, despite being very bizzare, I might want to check
    this out.

  9. Wait. So they have a separate room for all of the robotic performances?!
    Seems like a robot parade is being thrown within a small room. But they
    look hella awesome! Japan really go all out don’t they. That’s one reason
    why I love Japan!

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