Speaking English – How to order in a restaurant

http://www.engvid.com/ Discover how to read an English menu and never worry about count or uncountable nouns again when ordering at a restaurant again! http://www.engvid.com/speaking-english-how-to-order-in-a-restaurant/
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25 thoughts on “Speaking English – How to order in a restaurant

  1. How in the name of all that is grammatical can soup be countable? It’s
    SOUP! You can’t count soup. Like all liquids, it’s uncountable. You can,
    however, count the container – a BOWL/CUP of soup. Also, to say that ‘a
    water’ is correct is confusing as once again you’re counting the container,
    not the liquid. *shakes head*

  2. That works too! You can practically say ‘taking’ verb after ‘I’ll’. Like:
    “I’ll have’ “I’ll take” “I want” “Let me get…” “

  3. thank you so much rani mam i like you are speacking lessong very helpful
    for me daily i learn plz how to improve that time i talk hasetation and not
    getting words give me u r advice plz ……

  4. One my problems in USA restaurants is that very often the waitress will
    speak very fast, for example, questions like “sour or salad?” end sounding
    like “super salad?” (and yes, I ended ordering a “super salad”). What is
    the polite way to ask a waitress to slow down?

  5. do you really need to continuously interrupt the lesson with such
    embarrassing jokes? Don’t you realize that you are not funny at all? 

  6. Americans do NOT say “in-trees” for the French word “entrees.” I’m not sure
    why you would imply that we do, but, to confirm your doubt in the American
    pronunciation, we say “ahn-trays” – much like the Canadians. Since it is
    French, we keep the French sound, without making it exactly like the French
    (again, like the Canadians). So, you can tell your students, with
    confidence, that when in America, “entrees” is pronounced “ahn-trays.” Hope
    this helped clarify the confusion! :)

  7. Thanks my dear teacher Ronnie, I am Spanish speaker and I found you classes
    usefull, because I am preparing to travel to Brasil for the world soccer

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