Spooky Japan Series #4 – Food at your Average Restaurant

Spooky Japan Series #4 – Food at your Average Restaurant
Brought to you on behalf of: Restuarnt TV

25 thoughts on “Spooky Japan Series #4 – Food at your Average Restaurant

  1. One of my favorites when I was there, was a beef bowl with an egg. You
    crack the egg and mix it in the bowl, and the heat of the rice and beef
    cooks the egg. Its really good.

  2. *My aunt moved to Japan (Tokyo) because of her work. She worked in the
    Navy. She said she’ll take me with her the next time she goes!*

  3. looks very natural. not like fast food here where you know all the stuff
    you are eating is all processed. that shit made me hungry!

  4. For a sec, I thought that the food would come out of the vending machine
    (in a box maybe)…. but it just gives you a ticket and you then go inside
    to pick up?? What’s the point of that? Wouldn’t a normal cashier works
    the same? Are they just trying to save the hourly wage in the long run?

    (Oh also, 430 yen for what he ordered is about US $4 according to Google)

  5. What happened to the meat in the curry? The plate in the window had quite a
    bit of meat. Instead u got served a plate of curry and rice with what looks
    to be tomato shavings. Smh

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