Bob the manager lays down the law.

Featuring Robert Rafferty aka Bradfert Marsalis. Music by Aidan Byrne. ‘The Restaurant’ is Alex Garday, Erin Goldsmith, Tony Krol, Alex Moss, and Jake Varta.

Produced by TKJV Productions
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© 2014 by Aidan Byrne
Brought to you on behalf of: Restuarnt TV

23 thoughts on “THE RESTAURANT Ep #4

  1. YES this Is the funniest thing in the WORLD. Question: Was the woman at the
    end singing the hook from the song DONT LET GO from Envouge when she said
    “whats it gonna be”,(1:38). if not listen to the song and tell me if I’m
    high or not

  2. I really like what you guys are doing here, I work in downtown Orlando and
    all my service industry friends are circulating episode 5 around the area.
    keep it up.

  3. Where the BOH? Come on I want to see some representation from my cook
    brothers! In the videos I’ve seen so far there’s no chefs! WTF?!

  4. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Today.
    Maybe yesterday too.
    …I’ve heard that exact same voice when I’m high before.. I swear.

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