Yelp Reviewers Strike Back After Restaurant Disses Gay Customers

“Yelp users lit their torches and burned the review page of a Texas restaurant when a waitress told two gay men they weren’t welcome to dine at the establishment after she saw them ‘rubbing legs.’

“Last week, Collin Dewberry and his partner Kelly Williams went for breakfast at Big Earl’s Bait and Tackle. As they were leaving, the owner’s daughter (and a waitress) ‘allegedly told the men they would not be allowed back in the restaurant,’ because they ‘don’t serve fags.’

“That was enough for Yelp users, who pummeled the restaurant’s page with negative reviews when they heard about the story.”

The Young Turks’ Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur break down the story.

Read more in the Business Insider story by Caroline Moss here:


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25 thoughts on “Yelp Reviewers Strike Back After Restaurant Disses Gay Customers

  1. the rednecks never learn. it’s best to keep your mouth shut and be thought
    a moron than to speak and remove all doubt

  2. I was one of the commentators that added a comment after I saw the news
    article. But this news story is like a week old… TYT needs to get their
    news faster. It is damn near irrelevant now.

  3. I’m from Texas. And there is only two things that come outta there. Steers
    or queers..and I don’t see no horns on u boy 

  4. are we really trusting Yelp reviews now TYT? seriously? they are known for
    creating fake reviews to extort money out of businesses by getting them to
    pay for a highlighted listing. maybe you should get litigated if you write
    one of these fake reviews. i don’t support homophobia, but this bullshit
    over the word fag is just ridiculous. i will never understand why some in
    the LGBT community want so badly to have it be a derogatory term for
    themselves, when it is no different than calling someone a dick or douche
    or cunt.

  5. oh for fucks sake…why does this shit need to keep happening in my state?!
    If only I had enough hands to grab everybody by the scruff of the neck
    and beat them over the head until they see some sense. I love Texas, and I
    love being a Texan, but my fellow statesmen make me ashamed of being who I
    am some times. b/c of shit like this, and G’dubs, Texas gets a really bad
    name. We have a really great constitution that gives us the power to vote
    on damn near everything…but sadly people don’t give a shit about voting
    anymore so its just the crazy fucks that make any decisions. This is true
    nation wide…not just in Texas…we just allow people to vote on more
    things here so the fact that crazy fucks are deciding things is more

  6. Over 1,000,000 dead Iraqi civilians since 2001 and what’s the main issue
    for TYT? Gays. Talk about misdirecting your audience from real issues. TYT
    are a bunch of clowns. Anyone who does not admit this is irrational and
    religious in nature.

  7. It seems there is a lot of disagreement on YouTube about whether
    discrimination should be allowed or not. Understandably, it usually seems
    to come down to whether someone thinks they will be discriminated against.
    I definitely think that discrimination based on sexual orientation should
    be illegal, but I can see where people are coming from if they think that a
    private business should be able to choose who they want to or don’t want to
    conduct business with. Maybe some gay business owner should open up a
    no-straights-allowed restaurant and see how we straight people like it.

  8. I hate society with this whole gay thing. Society makes it out that you
    either support gays or you’re evil. Sorry, but that’s just dumb.

  9. If they don’t want to accept gays they don’t have to. It’s their choice not
    to accept them. I wish this channel would talk about more important stuff
    than gays. Now bring on the hate.

  10. Consenting adults? So fucking your consenting mother is ok? I guess incest
    is adding an I to lgbti.
    Let’s not forget bestiality since that happens in nature (cross-species

  11. So slander and hate speech and the destruction of a person’s livelihood is
    how the tolerant gays deal with difference in opinion regarding their
    lifestyle choice?

    The gays sure lead by example when it comes to tolerance…

  12. Im just shocked of the amount of homophics here? It’s not about gays or
    straights. When you discriminate against someone because of their race,
    gender, religion, skin colour, sexual orientations and NOT because of what
    they’ve done or how they’ve behaved, this is RACISM, period. This is what
    creates an unjust society. If you accept this, then you wouldn’t mind
    hitting a woman, well because she’s woman. What a bunch of idiots!

  13. The defacing of the sign didn’t do any harm. It actually was for the best.
    Since people have heard of it business has improved. You have to understand
    that just because the media, liberal organizations and hollywood bombard us
    with gayness you think that everyone is for it. Wrong! Secretly most people
    are against it. I’m against it but if my son came out and said he was gay I
    wouldn’t denounce him. I would accept it but I still wouldn’t approve if


  14. So TYT hates people who don’t accept gays but support destroying someone’s
    business because he has a different opinion from you.
    Liberalism is so tolerant.

  15. Everyone keeps complaining that there are more important issues to discuss
    than gays. But guess what! Give us equal rights and we’ll shut up! You’re
    ignorance is keeping us loud.

  16. Damn man it’s his right to refuse service and these stupid reviews are
    immature, I got nothing against gay people but come on its his
    establishment and his beliefs just let him be 

  17. if u care and are invested what two men do with each other you might be
    gay. just something to think about

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